Using expert-level historical and genealogical approaches to our research,  we source our information from a variety of subscription-based and free online databases as well as on-site research at courthouses, archives, libraries, and other record-holding repositories. KinConnector is designed to keep all of the information we find secure and safe for our users and their families. 


Our goal is to make family histories accessible to everyone. Your history is your birthright, yet they have been commodified and stripped from us for too long. So much can be drawn from our ancestor’s lives.  How they survived, loved, fought, thrived, and even failed are all tools for us to get free right now. In the current climate of hatred, fear and state-sanctioned violence against Black and Trans lives, now is the time to reach deep into our cellular memory and highlight the moments that got us here.

KinConnector provides a variety of services that focus on the family histories of each of our users. Our services include but arent limited to:

  • Standard Comprehensive Family History 

  • DNA Test Analysis 

  • Lost Relative Locator

  • Document Retrieval

  • Family Reunion and Event Organizing

Comprehensive Family Tree

Discover your family’s journey through years dating back to your earliest known ancestry all the way to today. You’ll receive a customized Ebook designed to make your ancestry easy to understand, informative and sharable.